Where are Private Networks heading?

Even as a nascent market opportunity, the expectation moving forward is there is to be more video, a proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints, and an overall need for higher levels of performance and other requirements.

Likewise, the number of markets has also expanded. It now includes airports, seaports, hospitals, hotels, college campuses, stadiums, retail outlets, warehouses, (smart) cities and more.

Across this widening range of scenarios, network and IT leaders are looking for connectivity solutions that go beyond what telecom companies, with centralized operations and standardized templates, have traditionally been able to offer.

Stepping in their place are new or alternative telecom companies. These players may already serve as tower companies, internet exchanges, regional operators, or play another role in existing network infrastructure. Yet they also exhibit agility, an ability to broker new combinations and become expert in the demands of niche markets. In some cases, they are the end users themselves, who have taken the initiative to build their own networks.