What We Do as RF Drive Test Partners

Perform drive testing to analyze and benchmark network performance according to Client Requirement
Working on 5G NR and LTE advance projects creating a script to capture KPI.
Project includes TRT, Module tuning, interference hunting and5G NR /LTE Advance cluster drives.
Create the setup of 5G NR for 2.5 GHz, LTE advance, MIMO on PCTEL MX flex The scanner on TEMS 22.3.

Data collection tools like TEMS,X‑CAL, PCTEL Scanners like MXFlex, HBFlex.
Analyze Layer 2 and Layer 3 messages.
Creating voice and data setup for a short call, long call, and packet calls and making workspaces.
Develop drive routes using Microsoft Streets and Trips and other tools.
Analyze drive test data on XCAL/TEMS investigation for network analysis, site verification, problem identifications and solutions.

Perform Data Collection on 5G/LTE/3G network using Nemo/XCAL/QXDM/R&S/TEMS/Solutelia/SRS software.
Execute and develop test scripts as per the defined test scope for each project.
Perform Cluster/SSV testing using Microsoft Street and Trips or DeLorme Street Atlas Navigation S/W.
Perform ATP (Acceptance Test Performance) drive test and check the handovers/functionality test of all the sectors for Data and Voice calls.
Upload the drive logs on the FTP server daily for analysis.
Review layer 3 messages and investigate and resolve wireless network issues.



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