Zoload supports current and emerging voice and data wireless technologies including 3G, 4G/LTE, VoLTE, HD Voice, and IoT.

Voice Benchmarking Solutions

Zoloads Voice Benchmarking services:


      • evaluate competitive performance against the operators’ competition

      • validate performance before and after infrastructure upgrades, capacity adds and frequency changes

      • Evaluate competitive positioning

      • Measure SLA performance

    Data Benchmarking Solutions

    Zoload’s Data Benchmarking solutions enables operators to:


        • evaluate performance among competitors, markets and technologies

        • evaluate performance trends and history

        • evaluate competitive and Quality of Service opportunities for improvement

        • Zoload’s Data Benchmarking reports utilize key parameters that are technology independent:

        • Connection Accessibility

        • Connection Retainability

        • Service Accessibility

        • Service/Session Retainability

        • Throughput

        • Latency/Ping DelayWe 

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