Drive Testing Services

We use specialized equipment to conduct field tests, collect data, and analyze network performance in different locations and scenarios. The data collected is used to identify areas where network performance is poor or inadequate, and to recommend changes to improve overall network efficiency. RF drive test engineers also work closely with other engineers and technicians to troubleshoot problems and implement network upgrades. They must possess strong technical skills, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work independently and under pressure. The role of an RF drive test engineer is critical to ensuring that wireless networks meet the needs of users and operate at peak efficiency

Modern wireless systems deliver massive amounts of performance data; however, there is always a need to measure the performance of the network in the field.  Drive testing field measurements can be collected for E911, LTE, WiMAX, HSPA+, UMTS, CDMA, LMR and more as part of wireless network optimization, performance benchmarking, troubleshooting, or performance/feature verification following network upgrades or reconfiguration.

Drive testing consists of riding in a vehicle that contains equipment used to analyze the cellular service in a given area. By simulating a wireless user’s experience in specific areas, mobile network operators can test and verify that changes to their network provide improved coverage and service to their customers. Drive testing requires a mobile vehicle, drive test tool with handsets which collect real time data, a GPS device along with an RF engineer.

Zoload has a dedicated team of Coordinators, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Test Engineers, Technicians, Drivers and a fully equipped fleet of vehicles to support any drive testing and data post processing requirements of our clients.

As networks evolve to keep up with customer demand, operators constantly require Drive Testing to check and maintain the services quality of wireless networks. Zoload collects data across different markets, analyzes it and recommends performance changes to maintain the highest network quality.

Drive Testing Service Delivery Options

The Drive testing service is very often an integral part of a Managed Service approach where we not only collect the data but also manage the data post–processing and reporting of the results. Drive test service options include vehicle based measurements, pedestrian, boat, indoor, train, underground and off-road.

Extensive experience using a broad range of measurement equipment and develops tailored solutions for almost every requirement.  We conduct drive test measurements from all major US Mobile Network Operators.

New technologies mean new and evolving requirements and challenges.  Zoload works with our clients to innovate new ways of collecting data and performing these value-added services for our customers.



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